Vltava River Mill Wheel


With the Charles Bridge just in front of you, a festival of world tastes, music and entertainment on your plate, romanticism and intimacy on this level is hard to match. Here you will enjoy the luxury of dining in splendor. From Japanese to Indian, from French to Thai - the cuisines of the world are brought together just for you.

Vltava River Mill Wheel is one of many restaurants in the most prominent Restaurant Group in Prague, which offers up only the finest of quality, service, and location!


Dinner Menu Options

Sample Menu:

Shrimp-salmon kebab with Lemon Grass and Sweet Chili sauce


New Zealand Lamb Fillet with Rucola and Sun-dried Tomatoes
Traditional Czech Potato Soup
Grilled Beef Fillet with Fennel Confit and Balsamic Jus


Baked Sea Bass with Baby Bokchoy and Coconut Condiment
Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Berries