Dancing House Fred & Gringer’s Romance


Dancing House Fred & Gringer's Romance Restaurant offers the main dining area, an upper smaller room, and a lovely terrace, all offering impressive views of Prague, the Vltava River, and Prague Castle, thanks to the window walls in this building. Apart from its spectacular, one-of-a-kind views, this venue is also known for its fine French cuisine and high standard of quality, care, and service.

The unique design, along with the impressive views from this location, makes Dancing House Fred & Gringer's Romance one of Prague's best places to dine.


Dinner Menu Options

Sample Menu 1:                    

Amuse Bouche - Small Appetizer
Tartar of Shrimps on Olive Oil, Small Salad
Beef Sirloin Filet "Mathurini" (Cream with Raisin and Pepper), gratinated potatoes

Sample menu 2:

Nil Perch (Bass) Filet, gratinated zucchini and cream with black olive
Selection of French Cheeses
Farandole of Desserts