2018 Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography is extremely popular among Asian Clients who enjoy taking pictures at various places in Prague. Take a look at our sampler HERE

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Let the Romance Begin ... 

At RomanticPrague, we are committed to helping you rekindle the romance during your time in this magical city. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and the heart of central Europe, offers a lover's dream with its' winding cobblestone roads, antique horse-drawn carriages and a host of other charming, hidden-away intimate restaurants and hotels. So, why not re-discover the love within, and let the allure of Prague enchant you and your loved one...



In the baths, time stops and relaxation begins. The splendid covered swimming pool welcomes guests in the blue of its mosaic floor, and helps relax the mind and caress the body: a large and comfortable place to have a dip and relaxing massage, immerse in steam, enjoy the bubbles of a Jacuzzi or abandon yourself to the pleasures of the well-being trail. A regenerating stop after a business meeting or a day spent discovering the city.

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Edible Fruit Bouquets

Fruit BouqetFlower bouquets are a traditional wedding decoration and can be seen at every wedding, but have you ever heard or seen bouquet made of fruits? It looks and smells great and what’s more it taste delicious!

There are diifferent fruit bouquets which can be personalized according to every bride’s desire and wishes.Your wedding guests will be amazed with this original wedding decoration on the tables and they will enjoy the delicious taste of every single piece of fresh fruit and chocolate of these edible bouquets. Fruit flowers are also a great idea for a wedding gift!