It's one of the Palatial gardens below the Prague castle. — National cultural monument, UNESCO.

The Kolowrat garden became probably not until the middle 18th century. The wall hides on the eastern side of the garden the foundations of the Romanesque wall, which was part of a large fortification of Prague district called “Malá Strana“. It was the utilitarian garden only. There were fruit trees and grapevines. The garden still retains the same nature character until now. It was opened in 2000 after extensive reconstruction.

Prague Castle was heavily defended during the middle ages. When artilillery reduced the importance of fortifications, the land outside the walls became available for garden-making.

The uppermost garden, south of the castle, is known as the Garden on the Ramparts, were made in conjunction with Maria Theresa's mid-eighteenth century palace. This garden has a baroque flavour and commands fine views of the city. Below this level, to the south, are a series of what were once private gardens which were extensively restored between 1973 and 1997.
Idividually, the gardens are named after the families which owned them. Yet the gardens are of considerable interest. They have vineyards, small parterres, fruit trees and herb gardens.